The Difference

For Your iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG, and other Cell Phone Repair Needs


I come to you for the repair. Why fight Woodruff Rd/Laurens Rd/Pehlam Rd. etc. I’ll come to you. Phone repairs take less than an hour. I will fix the device while you wait with me, or you can continue to work/run an errand, etc. I can even repair your device in my mobile workshop if that is more convenient for you. For iPads, we will perform the repair in our mobile workshop, at your location. iPads take just over an hour to complete.  I will gladly come to your work, office, home, or meet at a comfortable meeting place, such as Starbucks, McDonalds, Target, etc.


I use original and OEM with ALL my parts, including all screens/displays. Most of my competition uses grade B and grade A parts. With grade A and B parts, my competition can only offer a 3 month warranty. 3 months because grade B/A parts are very cheaply made, and WILL come apart or malfunction shortly after 3 month. My original and OEM parts are warrantied for the life of your device (while you own it!). My parts are NEW and are the same as original that came on your device. You will not notice a difference in my parts compared to your original parts. If you do, I will replace it, free of charge (no deductible)!


All of my parts and labor comes with a Lifetime warranty from (the largest nationwide mobile device repair company). While you own the device, if your part that I installed ever fails, I or another technician from, will replace your failed part free of charge with no deductible or service fee, as long as it is the part that I originally installed. This warranty is valid throughout the entire United States. iCracked has more than 510 technicians nationwide. If I am not accessible to you, just go to the website, and iCracked will make sure your failed part is replaced. The ONLY EXCEPTION, we will not cover a part that is damaged due to another drop or another break.


I pride myself with being the most professional mobile device repair technician in the Upstate. I managed a Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic for 21 years. Most devices are the lifeline for most people these days. I believe customers want to have 100% trust and confidence in the technician who is repairing their mobile device. I will do everything within my power to earn your confidence and trust with being professional, honest, and personable. I live in Greenville and am trying to build my business. My integrity is of the utmost importance to me!

Quick Turnaround

Most phone repairs will be performed and completed within one hour at the desired location of the customer. There are certain less popular phones I will have to do a 12 hour or less return with. But most I can do at your location within an hour. iPad repairs are a lengthy and delicate process. I will still come to you and perform the repair at your location, but the repair will be completed in our mobile workshop.